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  2. yo

    hey its ur boy Chris. Few years ago I was styling on kids on this server, and ever since it went down DarkRP has been shit. I see this shit starting up again and you already know im back at it styling on some kids. Dont be mad when i fuck your bitch.
  3. ban appeal

    more evidence for ronnie
  4. MassRDMer

  5. hi

  6. hi

  7. ban appeal

    he wasnt that great actually
  8. ban appeal

  9. ban appeal

    This is honestly the most compelling and heart wrenching story I've ever heard in my entire life. I've suffered through decades of corruption and human rights violations, but none have surpassed this tearful story of sadness, loneliness, and betrayal. Could any human with an ounce of goodness in their heart ban a poor teenage no-life from his one and only occupation? These four days may not seem like much, but mark my words, they will be the most treacherous and everlasting days of this young man's life. Tell me, do you have no sympathy for a child whose great uncle was brutally deported to the United States during the holocaust? Have you no shame, punishing this child who's only true carer in life is his social worker? With this, I beg of you to unban this great young mind, and allow him to once again be an autistic piece of shit on the great server known as Modified Gaming.
  10. ban appeal

    Ben has no life outside of playing gmod and being a news reporter. Please give him a life ban so he can get a life. Thank you Edit: Banning him will make it so no one knows the news. #lifebanben But for real ben has no life and needs the server
  11. ban appeal

    someone posted a video of me "mass rdming" but what THEY DIDN't SHOW was that he kept stoling my ammo and also i saved modified proof:
  12. MassRDMer

    snitch apologist
  13. MassRDMer

    how long is his ban now?
  14. MassRDMer

    REPORT ACCEPTED I have given him a Ban Extension (he was already banned for Random Deathmatch x 2) based on this evidence. Thank you for the incredibly clear evidence. Have a nice day!
  15. i fix it

    evocity i think
  16. MassRDMer

  17. MassRDMer

    this is incorrect i think
  18. hi

  19. MassRDMer

    Ben has been massrdming for awhile now and the vid is proof SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57985613 2017-12-06 16-54-44.mov
  20. Earlier
  21. i fix it

  22. hi

  23. hi

  24. hi

  25. hi

  26. Donating

    The store is going to stay down until the server is closer to being complete so new players coming in have something to actually donate for. The Patreon is also being shut down since we can now receive donations on the forums by going here. No need to worry about canceling your pledge if you just wanted to make a single donation. Modified Gaming is being funded through the community and any donation, no matter the amount, is highly appreciated. You guys are a big part in helping bring Modified back and the server wouldn't be up right now without the people who've donated.
  27. Bingo!

    i'm here, bingo!
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